Panel and Paint

Jaguar Panel Repair

Do you have a panel on your Jaguar that is dented or damaged from an impact? Do you have scratches that are detracting from the look of the car? If so, we at Jaguar Workshop can help.

We offer Jaguar panel repair services for all models of Jaguar. This includes models right back to the 1950s as well as cars in Jaguar’s current line-up. We offer competitive pricing and we’ll make your car will look as good as new again.

With us, you get a commitment to high-quality workmanship.

Jaguar Paint Repair

Jaguars are among the best-looking vehicles on the road, and have been for decades. It is important you keep your Jaguar in top condition, however. This is for aesthetic purposes as well as to protect the bodywork from the elements. In addition, your Jag will be worth more when it is free from scratches and has perfect paintwork.

Our Jaguar paint repair service can fix both minor and major problems. This includes small scratches and chip marks. It includes major repairs and complete resprays too.

As we are Jaguar specialists, we will get the colour match exactly right, whether that is restoring your car to its original factory colour or repainting it a different Jaguar colour.

Free Estimate

To find out more about our panel and paint repair services, and to get a free, no obligation estimate, please contact us today. Send us an email to and a member of our team will get back to you.